ciao ! Mi chiamo lucia e sono un'appassionata di più avendo ben 3 pargoli mi sono trovata nella condizione di fare di necessità virtù...così eccomi qui a condividere con voi quest'avventura culinaria...

martedì 22 gennaio 2013


welcome to marianna's blog!
hi,my name is marianna,I'm 11 year old .
I'm a student .I go to media school at my town.
I have two brothers: Andrea and Giacomo,called Baby Jake.
Andrea is 6 year old and he studies at first elementary class.
He starts school at twenty five to nine and finishes at twenty five to two.He's very nice.
Baby Jake is one year old and he goesn't to school...he's a hurricane.
We usually get up at half past six,we have breakfast all together with my family and after we go to school.
I and Andrea haven't lessons in the afternoon and school finishes at twenty past two.
After school I go home, I have lunch and I do my homework .
 The first class is very difficult for me because it is very different from elementary school.
I study english,spanish and grammar.
We usually have dinner at eight o'clock.After dinner I watch tv with my dad or play computer games with my brother andrea.
Sometimes I surf the net with my family.I go to bed at a quarter to ten.

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